Research Topics

Sedimentary archives and environmental geology

The investigation of sediments and sedimentary rocks gives important clues to the geologic history of climate, erosion and sea-level fluctuations in the geological past.

The sedimentary archives of modern-day river basins and dam reservoirs help to identify the sources, spread and deposits of dangerous pollutants and the health-related risks they pose.

Our team members work in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ireland, England, France, China, Morocco, USA, etc.

Genetic and applied mineralogy and genetic petrology

Minerals and their excavation have been very important in human evolution and societal behaviour. Understanding the genesis of minerals and rocks (petrology) is the most important determining factor for selecting which mining method to use for which materials.

Mineral genesis is studied by using the microthermometry of fluid inclusions, analysing Raman spectroscopy, ascertaining the isotopic composition of carbon, oxygen, sulphur and fluid hydrogen, and acquiring radiometric dating. 

Hydrogeology and arsenic mobilization in natural waters

Arsenic is one of the most dangerous contaminants as it is toxic and can cause cancer. The greatest threat to public health from arsenic originates from contaminated groundwater. The release of arsenic into the environment is a product of both natural and anthropogenic activity (e.g. natural geothermal systems or mining industry wastewater).

Our researchers study arsenic contamination and the methods for lowering arsenic concentration in water worldwide, for example in Bangladesh, West Bengal (India), Argentina, Mexico, Taiwan and, of course, in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Geoarchaeology and petroarchaeology

We use geological and geophysical methods to study the stone implements used by our ancestors. We take an interest in their places of origin and the techniques used for making ceramics. We use geophysical methods to find buried objects in archaeological sites.

Our team works partially on a commercial basis offering services to companies based in the Czech Republic and abroad as well. We conduct research and exploration in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Jordan.

Shallow geophysics

Shallow geophysical survey is quick method of exploration of underground. It is widely applied in geology, archaeology, civil engineering ect.

At our department we are using wide spectrum of geophysical methods like ground penetrating radar, electric resistivity tomography, dipole electromagnetic profiling and seismic.